"The Lowering"

September 14th, 2022

Hi everyone. Currently on day 3 of dealing with a bad flu (getting tested tomorrow, so maybe not flu but you get it). It sucks being stuck inside. I get sick once a year or two and it's always really bad. I get super delirious and out of sorts and am often bed-ridden for a couple days at a time. I've only had one fever spell today compared to the 5-6 I had the other day, so I guess I'm getting better? I had a vivid dream about Valve Hammer editor the other day and woke up and genuinely wasn't sure whether what I had done in my head was real, that's how it gets. As for general life things, I've been seeing less of people again. I'm getting used to it, I think. It's easier to fill time when I can leave the house, that's for sure. Loneliness is just no good. I saw an old friend the other day, it's amazing how much things can change in so little time. I keep going back to the song Unchained Melody, "Time goes by so slowly, and time can do so much. Are you still mine?" What a line. Sometimes I think about the old days, but I've got to remind myself that someday good things will come. Good things still come, so maybe that's not a good way of putting it. Biking has been good for me. People don't last forever, I've gotta be happy with me.