"The Four Mills Brothers"

December 27th, 2022

Happy Holidays! Wild that the year is coming to an end in... 4 days? There's 31 days in December, right? Either way, it's over soon. I remember last new year quite well. I was playing a house party in Nashville, TN. It's one thing to spend New Years alone, it's a whole other to spend it 3 hours from home in a packed house full of strangers. I didn't bomb, per se, but it didn't go well. Too rowdy. During my set someone who was taking some photos for me fell off a rolling chair and spilled alcohol all over the mixing board. Bad times. I remember cornering her and really yelling at her. I hated to be angry but I guess sometimes you gotta.

Anyways, I digress. I remember when the clock turned I was standing on the front lawn of this suburban Nashville spot, there were tears in my eyes. I could hear everyone inside celebrating. It was a striking moment as everyone was counting down. I don't really know what to think this year. I've got plans, but the friend who I made them with is having some personal problems that I obviously will not divulge in a public forum, so he might not make it. Oh well, I suppose. I'll be happy to see him, I hope he can show. Anyways, enough rambling for today.

True as True Can Be,

Syd Whit (Or Sydwell as my boss calls me)