"Love All the Time"

December 15th, 2022

Hi everyone. It's been a hard day. Really hard. You see, friends, I've got a problem. It's one I can't really discuss on a public forum like this. It's the sort that affects every facet of my life, and one that I am slowly working on. I suppose the point in my life I am at right now is one where I am finally able to work on myself as a person, rather than just struggling to float. So now, the road is sort of different in a way. Tackling things like this, you know? It's just the scope of things, I guess. And life in general feels kind of suffocating. I can no longer turn to old ways of coping, not that I like did heroin or anything. Just unhealthy ways of thinking. I'm sort of wondering if I ought to check myself in somewhere. Just to sit a while. Have I even a choice?

You'll have to pardon if I'm being a bit... personal. This blog is more and more just a spot for me to express these feelings which I cannot express any other way. Tomorrow will be better, I know it. To remind myself of these things, here is a recent photo in case anyone has forgotten what I look like. My friend Keith and I had it made at a photo booth the other day. I have been to the mountain top, I know things will be better soon.

Me and Keith