"That's the Way of the World"

July 5th, 2023

Friends! Hello, long time no see. It has been a strange week. My partner was set to go to Sweden but it got cancelled. I still have had 3 days home alone which has been nice. I applied for an internship that was supposed to pay you to learn to code computers. I got an interview, but they just sent me back a thing that says that I didn't get it. It is at times like this that I feel the most like I'd like to just pick a direction and drive. I am learning to drive, so we are half way there! I already have my direction picked. I doubt I'd ever have the courage it takes to do that, though. Plus, I've got a life here. It just sucks living at home, and living in my home town. It's soul sucking. Miles and miles of land that is not barren, but blighted. There is beauty in empty land, obviously. There is none in blight. It just fucking sucks. Like, a lot. God damnit. Okay, enough being angry. I guess I just gotta keep moving forward. Right now, my destination is Columbus. I have a gig that hopefully will be doable there in like a year. Praying all goes well with that. I'm gonna go watch a movie or something.