"Everything's Made for Love"

August 19th, 2022

Hello gang, days after birthdays are weird. Strange to no longer be the king of the world I guess. I've been cleaning today, or trying to. I don't remember if I explained, but I live at home and my home is a mess. So I'm cleaning the basement to make it habitable hopefully. There's mold on the ceiling and stuff that I'm painting over with Kilz Paint which I'm told kills mold. Some of it's so deep the drywall went with it, so I've got to mud it first. Maybe I should make some photographs. Wish I had one from before I scraped off the peeling parts. It's gonna be ugly but it'll be not moldy which is great. Just gotta vacate my space for 24 hours which sucks. It's all been cleaned out except a little bit of space right by the stairs which I'm clearing out today. Mold just freaks me out, as it probably should. I reckon if I just keep to my own I'll be okay. What do they say about bees, "they're more afraid of you than you are of them"? That's how I hope it is.

As Always,