"Harbor Lights"

August 18th, 2022

Today's my birthday! I always get nervous for my birthday but this one was great! I was out with Shelby for most of it. She's great I've been seeing her a lot recently. She collects legos and I listen to Elvis, so she bridged the gap by giving me this lego set of a picture of Elvis. Really really sweet stuff. She also gave me a compact disc of Elvis's Sun Sessions which I'd really wanted. Good coincidence. That's what this entry is named after, actually. The sound is great, not to be an Elvis nerd but I haven't heard these sessions in such great quality. My mother also got me a milkshake which was also very nice. Glad to be back home. Also teaching Shelby guitar since I know a lot of Johnny Cash and she listens to a lot of Johnny Cash. I'll attach a pic of us. So yeah! That's it. Entry over.

Me and Shelby