August 10th, 2022

Hi friends, it's me again! Writing during the day for the first time in forever. Potentially since the Chocolate3 days. Normally I write just before bed hence the lack of like images or anything. Maybe I should use this rare chance to write more about my personal life in less abstract terms. Fuck no, that doesn't even sound right. I leave for Detroit tomorrow. Staying there with my friend Cal til the 17th (one day before my birthday!), hopefully I'll take a lot of pictures and actually post some of them here. I tend to not want to stick film stuff here for some reason. Here, check this pic out from last time I was in Detroit!

Cal and I

See, you don't realize how much of a pain in the ass it is to embed images because it took zero time for you but it took like 5 minutes. To be fair, most of it was just me Googling, "how do i do this basic HTML thing again". People see my site and sometimes think I actually know what I'm doing. See, now I lost my train of thought. Fuck. Excited for Detroit, last time the biggest problem was we didn't plan anything to do. This time I've got a super obnoxious detailed itenerary. Y'all know there's a moist towelette museum in my friends hometown of Lansing? Now you do. Let me see, we're also going to a real actual professional-ish darkroom. It's in a high school, but still. More professional than my darkroom. I'll post pictures probably. Anyways, I am gonna go pack or something. I'll leave you with a fairly recent picture of myself so you all know I am not an AI. Gotta practice those embeds!

Me in coveralls

See you in a week!,