"Speed Racer"

August 8th, 2022

Greetings! New site update! Probably all kinda on the fly so I am sure it's really glitchy. Maybe making untested code live isn't the best idea? Oh well, I'll do something about it in the morning. I've had this site overhaul in the works since May-ish? Just kinda did all the work yesterday and today because I'm sick of having it on my desktop wasting away. As for me, I've been feeling okay. I've been getting out with a friend quite a bit. Also I've officially got 25k hits on this site, crazy stuff! At least a couple people have messaged me saying they enjoy my writing which is nuts. This has always kinda been a personal project so it's fun to think it can help other people. Maybe I'll write something for you all someday rather than just for my own sakes.

Another thing, I turn 19 on the 18th. Wild stuff. I gotta do something with my life at some point, huh? I live at home and I can't drive. To be fair, I have adequte reasons for both things, I'm just a bit hard on myself if you couldn't tell. It's just interesting to consider. It's been a hard year. I remember my last birthday wasn't amazing. The folks I hung around with back then went to a concert I'd really wanted to see without me and then one of them got sick and they all called me upset. I've always been that friend, but still. They took me to Waffle House the next day which is great but man it wasn't a fun few days. I'm not sure how many people know when my birthday is these days. I hope I get some messages, but I'm not sure. It's on me, of course, but man. People get harder to deal with as you get older, I suppose. Harder to meet friends and harder to keep them. I mean, you don't have a set group of people you see every day outside of work. I suppose I am thankful, though. A lot of folks have it worse than I do.

I found a letter, or an envelope that once contained a letter the other day from my friend Ellie, who died last November. I wrote about her here if you'd like to know more about her. It was dated August 2019. I wish I still had the letter, but lord knows where it is now. I think I'll turn the house upside down this week to see if I can find it. She left behind almost nothing physical. Or maybe I just didn't keep as much back then. I miss her.

With Love,

Syd Whitaker