What is this site?

Good question! This site is kinda just a resting place for whatever I have to say, and it's also something to keep me busy, I suppose. I used to keep a tape recorder by my bed and each day I'd record a little. Now, I just use this site. It's also a place for a lot of my projects to live. I'm trying to get off social media, so this is sorta also a little bit of a replacement for that.

Me with a guitar
Me with my guitar, it's a Harmony Stratatone from the 50s that I occasionally gig with.
Me working with a darkbag in Detroit in February. Scanned polaroid so mind the quality.

Your Humble Host

Well, I'm Maxwell Whitaker, but a few people call me Syd. I'm from Kentucky and I really like collecting old garbage. What defines old garbage is a little more murky. I like cameras. I shoot a lot of film and I really enjoy primordial digital stuff. I'm also a musician slightly professionally, though I'm not planning on promoting myself here. It might come up, but only when it needs to. I really dig early 80s anime like Urusei Yatsura. Mainly just anything old is at least slightly interesting to me.