Your Humble Host

Your Humble Host

Hello! My name is Maxwell (or Syd depending where you know me from.) I've been in the homepage game for 7 or 8 years now, and this is a direct sequel to my last personal site, I used to keep a tape recorder by my bed and every night I'd speak into it. This site is sort of a digital version of that. I write a personal blog that mostly concerns my feelings, and then there's a directory of projects that I need to update. I'm pretty big into collecting antiques, so that's sorta what I write about. Anways, eventually I'm gonna add some 88x31's here, so yeah here are some sites I like whenever I decide to add em:


One of the first modern personal sites I found, really heavily inspired what this site has become.

Special Fish

One of those sites that defies explanation, I've linked to my page there if you want an example of what it's like. Featuring the (in)famous directory of street cats I tell people at work about.